Ellen DeGeneres Is Accused Of Being One Of “The Meanest People Alive”

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Ellen DeGeneres was slammed repeatedly online over the weekend by former employees and others who repeatedly talked about her alleged mean behavior. 


Comedian Kevin T. Porter started this whole conversation on Friday, March 20, when he tweeted about Ellen allegedly being one of the “meanest people alive” and encouraged users to respond with their most “insane stories” about her. There was an incentive in this, as he said he would donate $2 to the Los Angeles Food Bank for each claim in what is now a very, very long Twitter thread. 


Writer and comedian Chris Farah talked about how she allegedly served brunch to Ellen, 62, and her wife Portia De Rossi. Chris claimed that the Emmy-winning host complained about her chipped nail polish which almost got her fired from her job. She even talked about during one of her comedy sets which you can see here.

TV host Benjamin Siemon dropped a somewhat wacky allegation about Ellen. “She has a ‘sensitive nose’ so everyone must chew gum from a bowl outside her office before talking to her and if she thinks you smell that day you have to go home and shower.” 


Another brought up Kathy Griffin, who has called out Ellen in the past. “Kathy Griffin said that when Joan Rivers died, Ellen staunchly refused to do a tribute to her because her comedy (and Kathy’s) were ‘the wrong kind,’ too mean-spirited. We love a pious comic.”



Not every response blasted Ellen as some were quick to defend her. “Why would you encourage negativity, especially at such a trying time?! Just do the positive thing you have suggested, which is support the food bank. Important to remember that no one is perfect. Not even you. Why encourage others to criticize another, and so publicly?”

There was some good that happened out of this after all as Kevin stood by his words and donated $600 to the LA Food Bank even though he named the honoree Ms. Ellen DeGeneres (should be Mrs.).

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  1. Ms can be used for either. Mrs is possessive. One teacher refused to be Mrs and preferred Ms bc she wasn’t her husband’s property.

  2. Her interview with Taylor Swift was really offensive, she desrepected Taylor the whole time and made fun of her ever Taylor kept answering till she complained that she was being mocked by Ellen.


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