Kathy Griffin Doesn’t Plan on Making Up With Many of Her Enemies

Credit: Tyler Shields

Kathy Griffin isn’t changing her mind when it comes to the ongoing feuds she has with several Hollywood stars. 

The 59-year-old comedian appears perfectly fine with how things are going currently with adversaries like Andy Cohen, Ellen DeGeneres, Harvey Levin and many more.


She broke those feuds down during her appearance on Good Day New York this past Thursday, July 18.


Kathy and the Watch What Happens Live host have been embroiled in a vicious battle for years. She’s said in the past that he “likes to take women down” and said that he was a “miserable boss” during her years on Bravo. 

Andy, 50, has suggested on Howard Stern’s Sirius show that she “hated” him because — while she’s been struggling for work since the (fake bloody Donald Trump mask) photo was released — “I got the job on CNN; I’m on Bravo all these hours.” He’s referring to him replacing her on CNN’s New Year’s Eve special over the past two years.


Kathy shot back, saying she had no interest in making peace with him while adding, “Why? If he has a skill set I would like to know what it is . . . that’s right, it is hard to name one.”

She also slammed Harvey, 68, another man she said “likes to take women down.” Kathy claimed that their battle started when TMZ documented the cancellation of her tour dates amidst the photo controversy live on their site. 

“The cancellations were recorded on TMZ in real time, which they have never done,” she said on The Breakfast Club in September 2018. “Then I learned that Harvey Levin talks to Trump multiple times on the phone. He’s a gay who’s a MAGA. He’s a hard core Trumper. I just think it’s ironic he’s a gay guy. I said to him one time ‘what do you think the Republican party holds for you? You think they’re going to have your back?'”


Kathy told GDNY that she refuses to end her feud with Harvey to this day. 

Same goes for her and Ellen, 61. Kathy said that she called the talk show host a “a f - - king untalented hack” in a phone call after she refused to do a tribute to Joan Rivers after her passing in 2014.

“I’m not her cup of tea,” Kathy said to host Rosanna Scotto. The foul-mouthed comedian still had some kind words for Ellen, saying “I am just happy when a female, especially a female over 50, is still in the game.” 




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  1. Just so you know. This video is an old episode from ten months ago. There is new one she did with them about three weeks ago.


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