Ellen Welcomes the Alabama Farmer who Protested Roy Moore

On Friday, Ellen welcomed Alabama peanut farmer Nathan Mathis to her show.

You may remember Mathis from the [scathing but accurate] sign he made protesting Alabama Senate hopeful, Roy Moore as well as our post Alabama Father Addresses The Humanity Of The Congressional Race In His State.

Mathis' daughter, Patti Sue, came out to him when she was a senior in high school. She would later commit suicide.

I protested in honor of my daughter, Patti Sue Mathis, who was gay, she committed suicide, and I just said, I wonder how Patti would feel today. Here's a man running for United States Senate, who said that gay people are perverts…That's why I did what I did.

Some of the more powerful moments of the video begin around 1:50. Mathis discusses his experience as a father with a gay daughter, and how he regrets the way he treated her.

You can watch the interview below.




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