Esquire Is Releasing An Expose On Bryan Singer!

Esquire Is Releasing An Expose On Bryan Singer!

An Open Secret Claims New Allegations Are Damaging!

#SIGH. I mean, at this point, who hasn’t heard of the many sexual assault allegations against dethroned X-Men film Director, Bryan Singer? Seriously, you have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Singer’s infamous allegations which have extended for years. I mean, I literally know a gaggle of young gays who want nothing more than to attend a Singer pool party; which are allegedly equipped with tons of booze, drugs, sex, and risqué decisions. On the flip side, I know a handful of *older* gays who advise against attending any event where Hollywood’s gay mafia prowl. Regardless, even in the era of #MeToo, Singer has came out unscathed. Like, he did just sign a $10M deal to remake Red Sonja with Millennium Films…so, yeah- safe to say these glamorous pool parties probably won’t be stopping any time soon. One could say Singer survived the #MeToo movement, despite a vicious story from his once teenage ex-boyfriend. But, it appears the next Singer expose is promised to deliver some undiscovered details surrounding his many allegations.

According to LA Times, Singer is already denying the future allegations for an upcoming Esquire Magazine article which is about to be released about him. Singer took to Instagram to make a statement claiming the will-be article is fictional and irresponsible. Check out his post below:







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I find it a little odd that Singer – who has over 250K Instagram followers, garnered a measly 4K likes. Say what you want, but other posts he creates gets a lot more praise, and since he wants to bring up “today’s climate”, well-honey, the climate is much about the attention you get on social media. It doesn’t look like too many are openly supporting Singer – and less may be after this damaging article is released.

To add more juice to the story, the social media handlers behind the eye-opening film showcasing alleged Hollywood pedophiles (Singer included), An Open Secret, are claiming that they assisted the Esquire story since February 2018 and promise “very bad new stuff”. Okay, you guys have got me: I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for this article to come out. No word yet on the article’s release date, but man – this is a nail biter.



Please do not let this be another Rachel Maddow “I have Trump’s taxes” hoax. That was literally the talk of the town and she didn’t have much of anything besides getting people to tune in to waste their time. I’m still upset about it and eye roll every time I see her.

I go back and forth on Singer's innocence often: I live in West Hollywood and know that not everyone can go to Harvard- or wants to take the time to work on their goals like the rest of us: They clout chase and want success immediately. Let’s face it, most of the time while laying on their backs. You cannot tell me you haven't met someone who has slept to get ahead. 

I personally know  people who will sleep with someone for a role as a background actor in a film. It’s such a warped reality that many people want to use their body to get ahead – and they are more than entitled to do so. But, you can’t go into something with an agenda, then get less than what you wanted, and then complain about it and hashtag #MeToo. Those are not victims, just less than smart people who didn't get their way. These stories of failed Hollywood would-be's, which seem to be more common in the Singer-related allegations, are the ones who are actually making it impossible for others to decipher where any alleged assault did happen. I’m neutral on who truly is the bad guy when it comes to Singer. Is it him or the ones who are trying to work their way up to the top, literally on him? After the release of Esquire’s article…it may be easier to come to a decision.

If you haven’t seen An Open Secret or simply want to indulge again, you can watch it for free on Vimeo here.

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