Eureka Checks Into Rehab for Addiction

Drag Race sensation and star of HBO’s We’re Here, Eureka, has checked themselves into rehab for addiction therapy and mental health care.


The 31-year-old performer opened up on social media this week about to give their followers a life update.


Eureka writes:

I’m in Rehab. It was time for me to get my addiction and mental self under control. I made this decision and it’s been really hard to be honest about it. I’m embarrassed! These are some of my first steps. I love you all so much!

I’ve been here over a week and already feel clearer and better. Will be back in Vegas mid March! I’m so sorry and love you all!

I’m sorry to myself. Ya know? but really feeling the blessings

In their post, Eureka refers to returning to the stage on RuPaul’s Drag Race Live! at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.


A flooding of love and positive vibes came in for Eureka, including many from the Drag Race family:






Sending Eureka all the best for a full recovery and all the care they need!

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