‘Eurovision’ Star Mélovin Came Out With On-Stage Kisses

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Eurovision star Mélovin recently came out, and he did it with two very viral kisses.

It looks like kissing people on stage is becoming a trend for LGBTQ performers. And we are here for it! We’re still riding on the waves of seeing Lil Nas X kiss a dancer on the BET Awards stage (and finding out who that sexy dancer was later). And now, a Eurovision kiss moment has us all hot and bothered again.


Again, Mélovin is the man of the hour, according to local news source Kjiv Post. In 2018, Mélovin represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest and made it to 17th place with 130 points. Since then, he has continued to create and perform music. And this past Monday, July 5, Mélovin performed during one of Ukraine’s biggest music festivals, Atlas Weekend.


Mélovin went viral for her performance after he kissed a man and a woman on stage. He then pulled out an LGBTQ Pride flag and waved it in front of the crowd. The singer then posted a video of the moment on his official Instagram account. To caption the video, Mélovin wrote that a person’s “colour, faith or gender” doesn’t matter to him, as “you need to love a person, body, soul.”

“We are a strong people,” Mélovin continued, according to a translation by PinkNews. “We are not afraid to move forward, feel the rhythm of time and keep up with other democratic countries.”


Mélovin then stated that his “official coming out” was cut from a live broadcast on the TV channel M1. He then called out the channel and asked, “Should the struggle for one’s rights and freedoms be censored? “If not, I unequivocally support you. And if so, I’m not sure I want to exist in such a future for Ukraine.”

Later, StarLightMedia, the parent company of M1 channel, denied purposefully censoring the kiss through a Facebook statement. The company says that it was not informed of the moment ahead of time and cut away in an act of “following traditional broadcast principles.”

The broadcaster then added that it was “pleased to welcome” Mélovin’s coming out “which made one of the first such statements among public people in Ukraine,” adding, “We hope that this will be the beginning of a new level of security, dialogue, and protection of the rights and opportunities of the LGBT+ community in Ukraine.”


M1 then later posted a full video of Mélovin’s performance, including the kisses, on YouTube.

Source: PinkNews, Kyiv Post,

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