Everybody Comes To “Hollywood”; The Netflix Series Drops It’s First Glossy Trailer

From the moment the first teasers for Ryan Murphy’s Tinseltown odyssey Hollywood first started being revealed, it was crystal clear that the series would be our newest Netflix obsession. Packing superstars like Darren Criss, Jim Parsons, and Patti Lupone (against the backdrop of Old Hollywood) was an intriguing premise, and the still shots that were revealed only made people more anxious for the premiere. Now, the trailer has dropped and based on the glittering scenery and the surprising cameos, Hollywood deserves the buzz it has been getting. 


The seven-part Netflix series (which debuts May) is a throwback to the era when racial inequality, sexism, and closeted actors were the order of the day, with actors like Rock Hudson (depicted heartbreakingly by Jake Picking) simply being a cog in the Hollywood wheel, with the ultimate goal of making the studio (and studio heads) as much money as possible. Failed Hollywood actor Ernie (Dylan McDermott) is in charge of Hollywood gas station where customers routinely pop in for gas and to fulfill their dreams and to ask for a trip to Dreamland.

Photo Courtesy of Saeed Adyani/Netflix

With that, one of  Ernie’s boys will hop into the passenger seat for a private encounter at a nearby motel with the lady (or gentleman) that has chosen them.  One of his newer hires, Jack Castello (David Corenswet), ends up hooking up with the endlessly neglected wife of a studio head who has his own extracurricular activities (Patti LuPone & Rob Reiner respectively) followed by a casting director at his studio, which ends up with Jack on the much sought after side of Ace Studios where dreams come true.

“Hollywood” will be available for streaming May 1st on Netflix

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