EXCLUSIVE: Ginger Minj on Performing as Adele Again & Much More

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RuPaul’s Drag Race legend Ginger Minj is one of the many entertainers out there who are doing all that they can to put a smile on people’s faces during their time in self-isolation.

She will no doubt be doing that for many of them when she brings her Snatch Game performance of Adele back to life on Sunday, April 19, at 12:00 PM EST as part of the Digital Drag Fest series. Ginger’s rendition of the “Hello” singer helped her win that particular challenge alongside Kennedy Davenport and is considered to be one of the best the show has ever seen. 


The Florida native chatted with us exclusively about what fans can expect from her show on Sunday, thoughts on this season of Drag Race and brutally honest thoughts on disqualified contestant Sherry Pie.

You had so many memorable moments on Drag Race that people still remember you by. What made you want to do Adele specifically for this at-home presentation?


Hi, honey! I’m so excited to talk to you. All this social distancing sucks for someone who needs interaction with other folks! I decided to do Adele because everyone was asking me to. I haven’t done her as a character since Snatch Game on season 7, so I figured now was as good a time as any to dust off the dress (let it out a little) and have some fun! And writing this show has been such a glorious chore … of course we want to do it right, so we are working hard every single day to make it perfect, but the jokes are making us laugh like crazy and the songs are making us cry our eyes out. 

I know Brita had a moment with the “Hello” singer last year in New York City but did she ever reach out to you personally after your episode aired?

No, she didn’t reach out to me, but she did make some comments in an interview not long after that she loved the drag queen that played her on that TV show. I can only assume it was about me, so I’ll keep that as a feather in my cap! I’ve always loved her, and I’ve always loved playing in her world. I was doing songs from her first album when nobody really knew who she was. She’s been a big part of my career.

What can fans expect from your show this Sunday night?


It’s funny and fun! We are setting it up as an in-depth, in home glimpse into her fictional home life. What it’s like to be an average, ordinary superstar and mother. Gidget Galore is playing my assistant Lorraine (we’ve been quarantined together for a month now) among other characters. There’s comedy, singing, and very little dance. We’ll even have a Q&A with audience members where I’ll be answering questions and giving (terrible) advice in character. 

Rumor has it (wink wink) that her new album is coming out later this year. What kind of music do you hope she puts out?


I know I’m in the minority, but I would love to hear her go back to her first album. It has such a unique flavor. So good! It’s still my favorite. 

Are you watching season 12? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

I love it! It’s a really strong cast and I can’t pick a favorite because they’re all so talented! I’m genuinely enjoying every episode.

Who is your pick to win this whole thing and how do you think they will do the finale if we are all still stuck inside?


Like I said, I can’t pick just one. I loved Rock M. Sakura, but now that she’s out I’m looking at Gigi Goode or Jaida Essence Hall to win the whole thing. They’re so well rounded and I’m loving their journey. I’d personally live if they did it on zoom!

What are your thoughts on the whole Sherry Pie debacle and the (alleged) editing of her this season?

I have none. As a victim of abuse, the entire story was kind of triggering to me, so I’ve pushed it aside and tried to pay her no attention while enjoying the rest of the season. She’s talented and I enjoy some of her performances, but I’m not letting her occupy any space in my mind. I think the editors have done a great job of retroactively trying to remedy the situation. 

Widow is our only hope left for a big girl to win… something that still hasn’t happened yet. What are your thoughts on that?


When it’s time and the right big girl comes along with the perfect blend of c.u.n.t. it will happen. Believe me, nobody would love to see themselves represented and reflected as a winner more than me! Unfortunately, big girls have to work harder. Trendy styles don’t look the same on us, aesthetically we aren’t everyone’s ideal cup-a-bowl-a-what, and when we are “sassy” it’s often seen as confrontational or bitter when it’s usually meant as nothing more than a little fun shade with our sisters. Maybe All Stars 52 will be my year! Haha! 

What else do you have going on in the future that our readers should know about?

There’s so much in the works! TV, movies, theatre, a cookbook, a boutique line of gummy bears, and my new album! Stay tuned, follow me on social media and hit me up if you get bored! 

You can buy tickets to Adele’s show on Sunday by purchasing tickets here.

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