Exclusive; Honey Davenport & Kahanna Montrese Release Their New Singles; Check Them Out HERE!

When every crop of dynamically talented ladies enter the workroom each season on RuPaul's Drag Race, many of the ladies decide to follow the path of RuPaul herself and enter the recording studio to release music of their own. Some of them have true and raw musical ability (Jaremi Carey's/ Phi Phi O'Hara's) "Fever Heart" or Ginger Minj's "Sweet T" are essential listening), while others have crafted completed new and inventive sounds of their own in the recoding studio (Sharon Needles' "Battle Axe" and Monet X Change "Unapologetically" come to mind). For Season 11, two of the ladies (that coincidentally also come from their own legendary drag families) have released two tracks that definitely show their individual and wildly unique talents.

Honey Davenport has always made social consciousness and activism a part of her career. With a platform like Drag Race, this already  heavily crowned queen is elevating her message for "The Hive" which is also the title of her aforementioned single. Laying out sickening verses in front of throbbing beats and an electronic style beat, one thing is clear; this doll can sang! With significant experience behind the mic and in a recording studio before, Davenport is at ease on the track, and keeps the video classic and clean. Her signature and buzzed about entrance look is fully featured, and with direction by Ty Adams and rapid fire lyrics by both Davenport and Jayse Vegas, these talented artists on their own have made the sweetest of productions.


Kahanna Montrese may be the daugher of Drag Race legend and Vegas showgirl Coco Montrese, and the release of her new single "Scores" shows that she has taken some cues and more from her famous mama. "Scores" is a raucous and horn laden track sprinkled with as many slamming beats as it is Drag Race cameos. From Season 4 and Season 8 Winners Sharon Needles and Bob the Drag Queen to Nina West to Peppermint, Montrese has pulled in the heavy hitters for this production. Directed by the consistently spectacular Brad Hammer, "Scores" takes place in a high school gymnasium, with each guest starring queen getting their own time to shine (Manila Luzon as a drill sergeant gym teacher is a stroke of genius). Not only is Montrese stunning while stomping the makeshift gym runway and living her cheerleader fantasy, but the self proclaimed "Drag Daddy" tosses on a football jersey (along with All Stars 4 co-winner Trinity the Tuck) and scorches the school looking smoldering out of drag! Montrese has a magnetic personality and vocals that are perfectly matched for the dance floor; something tells me this is not the last we have seen of Kahanna Montrese and her squad.

Names like "Davenport" and "Montrese" are that of legacy in the world of drag. With the releases of "The Hive" and "Scores", Honey Davenport and Kahanna Montrese are both truly showcasing the raw talent and enigmatic personalities that make them such true members of these drag dynasties. 

"SCORES" is available on all music platforms:

iTunes – https://apple.co/2Us6rgj

Spotify – https://spoti.fi/2IZfYu7

"The Hive" is available on iTunes


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