Exclusive Premiere: Honey Davenport Is Joined By Her “Drag Race” Sister Aja On The Powerful Single “Draw The Blood”

Whether it was “Warrior” or “Stan For You”, Honey Davenport has released a remarkable eight singles since her landmark elimination on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but never one quite like this. While Davenport’s videos have always touched on provocative issues like race and equality, (such as the Glammy Award-winning “Cocoa Butter”) her latest single “Draw The Blood” (ft. Electropoint) is truly remarkable artistry (the video is premiering exclusively at Instinct Magazine)

“Draw The Blood” dives into themes such as the damage and trauma that can sometimes come from living as a minority in a world steeped in racism. The overarching theme of the video is that in the face of injustice, inaction is almost just as destructive as persecution.



Davenport also used the video for “Draw The Blood” to serve as her directorial debut. (The majority of the video was filmed at Paradise in the LGBT haven of Asbury Park, N.J. where Davenport is a former title holder). Each of the stories of prejudice that are told within the video are very personal, as each of them has happened to either the queen herself, or to a close personal friend. This brings a savage edge to the proceedings, as every piece of the story, music, and images was bought with her blood and the blood of her friends.



Crafting a video this dynamic certainly required an equally astounding collaboration, and Honey chose RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni & Billboard charting artist Aja to team up with on the project. As longtime friends, Aja and Honey share a fierce passion for social justice. Putting them together to perform in an empty & storied nightclub served as a vessel for the artists to express their rawest emotions, and the powder keg that resulted was a scorching and honest piece of art. 

Orchestrated and Produced by Electropoint

Written By: Honey Davenport, Aja & Kareem McJagger

Art Courtesy of Honey Davenport


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