Exclusive: Todrick Hall on His New EP, Pride, Disney and More

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It must be pretty good to be Todrick Hall right now.

The unstoppable force that is the Plainview, Texas native has conquered many entertainment obstacles over the past couple of years. He’s gone from the audition rooms of American Idol all the way to the Broadway stage in Kinky Boots and of course his time as a judge and dance mentor on RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Oh, and the boy can sang. He’s released several albums over the years that has been met with a ton of critical and fan acclaim. His latest, Haus Party 1 EP, is no different. The 7-track effort arrived just in time for Pride season and will no doubt be played inside several clubs, cars and in our headphones over the next couple of months.

Todrick sat down with me to discuss his new EP and a bevy of other topics like his love love, season 11 of Drag Race, Disney and Beyoncé. Oh, and his love of big butts. Hehe.

Take a look.

Tell us all about your Haus Party 1 EP and how it came about?


My Haus Party 1 EP came about after I realized that people loved the dance music and songs that were about inclusion, diversity and freedom to be your true self. I thought: Wouldn’t it be cool to make an album with all the songs that people love and connect to the most?

I know Trixie Mattel is on one of the tracks. Are any other RuPaul’s Drag Race legends featured? 

As of right now there are no other RuPaul’s Drag Race legends featured—other than myself (L-O-L). But my life is always so spontaneous. You never know what could happen in the very near future. I’m a huge Drag Race fan, and I love all the girls so much. I’m always looking for an excuse to collaborate with one of my fabulous world of wonder friends.



What have been your thoughts on Season 11—do you think this was a strong group of girls?

I thought this was an exceptionally strong group of girls. I also thought they brought a lot of personality. Some seasons have had some really fabulous queens, but they weren’t necessarily the most personality-filled people.

This year I think we got a lot of personality while also maintaining a lot of the fabulousness that the show is becoming more and more famous for. When I think of a drag queen, I don’t just think of someone who looks like they can win Project Runway. I think of someone who I would want to go stand in a hot, sweaty club to see. And a lot of those queens were in this season, and those are the queens that I usually gravitate toward.

I know you’re doing a ton of pride parties this summer, which are you most excited about?


I’m most excited about the opening ceremonies of World Pride this year in New York City. I once watched Beyoncé perform at the Barclays Center two nights in a row, and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to perform my own music in an arena. This year I’m going to get that opportunity with more dancers than I’m bringing to any of the other shows. I even have a special guest coming on stage with me, and I’m really excited about that performance on June 26th.

Let’s talk love life. Are you seeing anyone?

There is someone who has caught my eye, but I’m taking things very slow because I had an extremely heartbreaking year last year. But I’ve learned how to turn my heartbreak into music, even though I did have a couple of breakdowns publicly online around that time.

It’s all part of growth and being a human, and I wouldn’t take it back for anything. I’ve learned some valuable lessons, but it would not be fair to go into a new relationship until I’m fully over that last situation. I’m a hopeless romantic, and I hope the next person I meet is going to be my Prince Charming who will be with me for my happily ever after.


If not, what kind of guys do you go for?

Well, since I’m not technically in a relationship, I’m still taking applications—union only, please. Attractiveness is important. Pretty eyes and a pretty smile will make my heart melt every time. I like big butts and I cannot lie, as Sir Mix-a-Lot so eloquently said.

But beyond physical appearance, I’m looking for somebody who is fun and spontaneous. I’m looking for somebody who is willing to deal with all my quirks. It’s important that this somebody appreciates Disney, Beyoncé and the Wizard of Oz as much as I do. I’m looking for somebody who has good morals and ethics. I would like to be with someone who challenges me to be a better person, not someone who jumps on the bandwagon when I have a Regina George-esque moment.

But I’m looking for somebody who can be the Michelle Obama to my Barack, the Jay-Z to my Bey, the Minnie Mouse to my Mickey Mouse—yes, that’s right, someone who wears shoes that are too big for them. That really gets me going. 



What else is coming up in the world of Todrick Hall?

I think this is going to be my last musical project for awhile. Emphasis on “think,” because I’m always inspired, and you never know what I’m gonna do next. But I’m really excited to take the next year to focus on Broadway musicals, writing a book, working on movies, and elevating my brand to the next level. I’m ultimately excited to be performing every single day. Any day that I get to be on stage, singing, dancing, acting, entertaining people or meeting fans is a good day for me. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities that I’ve already been given, and I look forward to all the things that are just around the river bend.

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