Exclusive Video Premiere: Yanni Burton Is Ready To “Mess Around”

Not many people can say that either John Legend or Rufus Wainwright have collaborated with them; Australian born and immensely talented Yanni Burton is able to say that both have worked with him, as well as were instrumental in helping him obtain his green card so he could continue following his dreams in the United States. That dream is starting to become realized with the premiere of the video for his single “Mess Around”, premiering exclusively on Instinct.com today


“Mess Around” is a follow up to his single “Awake” and while “Awake” may have been about the pain that comes from a break up, “Mess Around” is defined around the recovery and rebuilding of all parts of us post-breakup; sexual, emotional and physical identities included. In his own words, Burton says “Playing the field and messing around is the best anecdote for heartbreak,” Bur- ton continues. “It helps a guy or girl to rediscover him or herself and learn what he likes and what he’s no longer willing to tolerate. It’s just important to play safe and be respectful of your body and soul, and others’ too. As long as you are, you do you, honey!”

The video is just as equally sexy; shot by Danish director, Maria Bruun. The concept was to feature snippets of minority communities found in New York underground culture and portray different ideas of power and identity. From Beyonce dancers to beefy muscle daddies to drag queens, to everything in between, the video remains firmly planted on the gorgeously sexy edge, It also features a solid twenty-second make out scene between Burton and his handsome fiancé. Yes, Burton is taken


From a personal standpoint He describes his life today as a “gay thirty-something in New York City” and is grateful so many people have chosen to go along with him on this sonic ride as his sound and style evolve. “Ultimately, I hope my music helps listeners to recognize and reclaim their own sense of power and independence,” he says.


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