Eye Candy: Feeling Fine In The Friendly Skies

Sharing some favorite Instagrams from the week beginning with Ignacio Pérez Rey
who sends greetings from Brazil (via an alien emoji?…):

Ryan Cleary cleaned up for a Sunday selfie:

Seattle got woofed this weekend by the men of MegaWoof America:

Hector Fallas got some Miami Beach-style therapy:

Facundo Rodriquez is ready for winter:

NBC News correspondent Steven Romo confirmed 55 degrees is too cold for shorts:

Christian dished out some Sunday shower shake:

Ronen Rubenstein (9-1-1: Lone Star) spent quality time with Spot:

Bruno Baba served up some “Rasputin:”

Yonak chilled in front of a fake beach in London:

Hunter Harden gave you go-go dancing ‘Friday the 13th’ style:

What to do when you’re still testing positive for COVID? Dog walks with Sgt. Pupper:

Daniel Rankin was in the kitchen cooking up stuff:

Trans bodybuilder Paulo Batista is living his dream as a newly-minted U.S. Sailor:

Sam Cushing gave himself a trim. Who else out there keeps their hair shaped up on your own?

Ramon Ventura went splish-splash down in Brazil:

Diego Barros said ‘hello’ to the weekend:

And Jordan Torres was feeling fine in the friendly skies:

3 thoughts on “Eye Candy: Feeling Fine In The Friendly Skies”

  1. These guys are cute but all start to look the same, I follow this handsome guy Bards I mean I can’t tell u how so handsome he is, great hot bod too oh and he’s smart! Try something different!

      • Thanks for the reply. I put the Instagram round-up together. We do follow Bards85 (handsome guy) but he keeps his account private. So, even if he approves fans to view his account, Instagram doesn’t allow ‘private’ accounts to be embedded on other sites. So, unfortunately, we can’t feature him here. Accounts have to be public to be embeddable on other sites.

        We try very hard to include all types of guys in our weekly round-up. In this one alone, we’d say smooth/lean Ramon Ventura looks nothing like Bruno Baba. Trans bodybuilder/U.S. Sailor Paulo Batista is pretty much on the opposite side of the spectrum from Sam Cushing. And ‘lean and clean’ Ryan Cleary is a whole different flavor from the men of Megawoof America, no?

        Thanks for reading and hope you come back. We do keep the mix fluid and are always up for following new guys of all types. Happy Monday!


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