Getting Your [Coco]Nut, Finding Zen & Learning To Fly

Sharing some of our favorite Instagram posts this week starting with daddy realness DJ Dan DeLeon, who says he’s always ready to perform.

After a long day, this is how Taylor Tyler gets his [coco]nut:

Ignacio Pérez Rey played lost and found in Costa Rica:

Max Emerson and Andres Camilo went into self-care/monster mode…

…while Antony Tran and Enderbender got ready for some home improvement:

Chris Cragg gave Hump Day a nautical salute:

Chris Salvatore is learning to fly in Las Vegas…

…while Neil Patrick Harris levitated over the sea:

Big Sean has some big jeans – and he’s not afraid to wear’em:

Alden Richards wandered on the beach until it all came into focus. Click here for Instinct’s recent profile on Asia’s multimedia star.

Petr Hollesch found some zen in Tulum, Mexico:

Corey Andrew kickboxed his way through the weekend:

Anthony (SurfBearLA) took his pooch Raleigh for a walk on the beach:

El Titi struck a pose:

Olympic gymnast Arthur Nory found some solitude at the beach:

Austin likes his gym shorts just like his gym results – tight.

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