EyeCandy Monday Is Here: Highest Paid Male Models. GO!

What better TikTok to wake up to on a dreary (ok it’s sunny and beautiful here in NYC) Monday morning than a listing of the eight highest-paid male models? Talk about a mood elevator! Thank you runwayl1fe.

Didn’t Ashton Kutcher and Channing Tatum start their careers as models? Who knows, maybe we will be seeing one or more of these hotties in a blockbuster movie some day soon. Until now we will just have to get by with their stunning photos. I think I can manage!

Ollie Edwards – $410,000

TYSON BALLOU – $425,000

RYAN BURNS – $610,000

NOAH MILLS – $740,000

ARTHUR KULKOV – $905,000

SIMON NESSMAN – $1,100,000

DAVID GANDY – $1,400,000

SEAN O’PRY – $1,500,000

What do you think Instincters? Have a favorite among the eight? I think mine is, ugh this is like Sophie’s Choice picking just one…ok I am going with – Noah! Sound off in the comments below with your fave.

And yes, it is hard to ignore that the fashion industry has a look, as the current highest paid models are all smooth and not persons of color. You’d have to go to the list of The 10 Richest Male Models in the World released by Moneyinc last year to see Mr Tyson Beckford at number 2. 


Will we see a person of color in the top 10 soon?  What about a gay model? transgender? nonbinary?


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Photo by Israel Marin Torres

Sources: TikTok , Moneyinc 

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