Fans Of The DC Eagle Are ‘Deeply Saddened’ That Its Closing After Almost 50 Years

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Another legendary gay bar is closing its doors after years of serving its community with endless nights of fun, debauchery and more.

The DC Eagle, a longtime institution of the local leather scene, is closing up shop for good. Metro Weekly reported on Tuesday, May 5, that employees of the club were informed that the building had been sold on Monday, May 4, and there were no plans to relocate or reopen the business.


Its the second devastating blow in less than a week in our nation’s capital as another LGBTQ hotspot, Ziegfield’s/Secrets, is shuttering due to something similar to what The DC Eagle is facing. 

“I’m deeply saddened for the men who put their lives and money into making something work and for it not to work out for them. Even against all odds including people from the community that were only interested in themselves and not the establishment,” Danny Kaylor-Hawkins, Mr. DC Eagle 2016 and a long time supporter who found his way through the institution, told Instinct Magazine exclusively about his thoughts on the bar closing. “The owners were swamped from the beginning and did everything they could to keep it afloat. Hard to see such an institution that means so much to us go, but they did what they could. I wish them the best, and hopefully those who got in the way of making it the best it can stop slandering something that means so much to people. A lot of money was lost and they poured their everything into it.”

He continued, “We’ve had many many years of great memories and we opened a lot minds and changed people lives for the better. That should be the the memory that stands out. A place where many have come and a community that they couldn’t find anywhere else.”

Described as The DMV’s largest & oldest gay bar, The DC Eagle is no doubt legendary. The space, located at 3701 Benning Road NE, opened its doors nearly 50 years and has been a pinnacle for the leather community to thrive in.

Their popular Instagram page often promotes a variety of parties that any and all types of people can enjoy, further proving what an exciting place it was to be at. Recent celebrities that have stopped by include TS Madison and Keri Hilson just to name a few. 

16 thoughts on “Fans Of The DC Eagle Are ‘Deeply Saddened’ That Its Closing After Almost 50 Years”

  1. Implore Bezos to help. He is a DC resident too. He gave milions recently to Chef Andress and to Van Jones. Lobby him to do his civic duty to help out LGBTQ clients.
    Such a travesty and human rights issue. No one should file bankruptcy on a segment
    of humanity. Makes no sense. Very sick and sad. Bezos should help out as a DC voter and resident. Not to mention help requests to Gates and Musk and Getty and Mott. J.

  2. It’s a shame about the Eagle, I’m not into the kink scene really but this was one of the few, maybe the only, gay bar in DC that actively worked to keep drug dealers and users out and I admire them for this. Meanwhile Secrets closing is no great loss, it’s another among thousands of gay bars that need to be closed and I am hoping Covid19 takes down a lot more. Among the vile collection that constitutes gay bars across the world this had to be among the vilest. I went there twice, both times dragged by friends. The bar was filthy and the clients here were among the most depraved I have ever seen. When are other gay men going to realize that gay bars are filled with drug dealers and other predators and the bars themselves only exist to take advantage of us. Gay bars today are now filled with three types of gay men only, predators, enablers, and victims, if it is among those whom you are looking for community then your life is sorely lacking. The rest of us said goodbye to bars like Secrets a long time ago.

    • You are a negative fool. I had many great nights at the Eagle. You seem like someone afraid of leaving their tiny apartment. Yes, one needs to be mindful but the Eagle was always a safe and comfortable place.

          • “Anonymous” is obviously a drug dealer, you’re not fooling anyone. Hope you end up with a long sentence when you eventually get busted.

        • If gays are forced to go to straight bars then they will be forced to treat each other like decent human beings. That would be a vast improvement over the way they treat each other in the gay bars, so if Covid19 does this then it has accomplished something good after all.

      • Either you didn’t read what I wrote or your comprehension skills are lacking. I wrote that I admired the Eagle and I agree I always felt like it was a safe atmosphere.

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  4. I’m confused, I thought the Eagle moved to Benning within the last several years. Wasn’t it originally on Florida Ave. before being pushed out by development? And Secrets seemed doomed by development in the Navy Yard area as the stadium blazed the way.


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