Filipino Pride Brings Out Christian Guilt

This weekend, Manila, Philippines celebrated their LGBTQ Metro Manila Pride with their annual parade. The theme #RiseUpTogether attracted over 20,000 to the Marikina Sports Complex in Marikina City.

After the pride parade, a group called Church of Freedom in Christ Ministries (FICM) stood extending banners that read:

I’m Sorry

We’re here to apologize for the ways that we as Christians have harmed the LGBT community…for hiding behind religion when really I was just scared.

…I’ve looked at you as a sex act instead of a child of God.

…I have looked down on you instead of honoring your humanity.

…I’ve rejected and hurt your family in the name of ‘family values’

…for not listening.

…for judging you.

Other signs read:

“God loves you so do we…”

“Can we hug you?”

“#LGBTQ You Are Loved”

“I’m sorry Christians have shunned you”

“I used to be a Bible-banging homophobe, I’m sorry!”

This is reportedly the fourth year in a row that this group has this display at pride.

In a third-world country with a president like Rodrigo Duterte, seeing this type of love is crucial. Even the ruthless president last year shared that he supports same-sex marriage, but nothing has been done to move forward with this although many feel it’s time.

For someone like Duterte who is notorious for killing people, this is a step in the right direction right?

Still, the signs displayed at Manila Metro Pride could be progress.

Pride attendees were touched by the demonstration of love:









The “I’m Sorry” signs have garnered lots of attention on social media and the outpour of love seems to be going global. So yes, Sashay into the world, loved ones!



h/t: Metro Manila Pride

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