Fill In The Blank, Bed Hair For Chest Fur, And Bedroom Eyes

Matthew William Bishop of ‘AHS:NYC’ (via Instagram)

Sharing some favorite Instagrams from the week starting with AHS: NYC actor Matthew William Bishop emerging from the sea with that hungry look:

…while Roberto Portales took shelter from the snow:

Shade Andrew clearly doesn’t skip leg day:

Nathan Nuyts celebrated another trip around the sun:

Lil Nas X was feeling “in the pink:”

Former Olympian Brett Morse dropped it hot in slow-mo:

Matt Pappadia wants you to ‘fill in the blank:’

Joel Green put “Unholy” in a whole new context:

Okkar Min Maung was giving serious bedroom eyes:

Former ‘Titan Games’ contestant Mitch Harrison shared his 7 year “manniversary:”

Justice Horn reclaimed his baby face after a good shave:

Sam Cushing wrestled with a rug:

Ivan celebrates Alaska gaining 7 minutes of sunshine a day now that we’re in February: 

Michael shared some test shots as he’s learning photography #WolverineVibes

Hunter Harden forgot to brush his chest hair – bed head for chest fur:

Country star TJ Osborne hit the post-Grammy parties with bf Abiezer Ventura:

Props to photographer Ulrich Oehmen for this gorgeous ‘golden hour’ shot of Marco Pinotti in Miami:

Bonus: Out NFLer Carl Nassib shared a quick pic with bf Søren Dahl in his InstaStories:

L-R Søren Dahl and Carl Nassib

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