First-Ever Black LGBT Family Is The Face Of Fashion

Do you remember that photo from 2014 of gay dads Kordale Lewis and Kaleb Anthony doing their daughters’ hair in the morning? It went viral because of the heartwarming display by the sexy couple and their cute AF kids!

As their family has grown to now include a total of four kids, so has their fan base. Kordale and Kaleb have gained a following for their modern-day family on social media that tells daily stories of their life as gay dads who are surrounded by loving friends and family.

Now life is about to get a whole lot more interesting for the family of six as Acne Studios has profiled the Kordale N Kaleb family as the face of the high-end fashion brand for its Fall/Winter 2017 campaign.

Photographed on the brand’s website, the family is seen sporting matching outfits and posing in all their glory as the first-ever black LGBT family to represent a fashion campaign.

Each of their four children is also photographed up close and we learn a bit about each child.

Acne Studios founder, Jonny Johansson shared on the website his inspiration and the concept behind the campaign.

I have been thinking of the family concept for a long time. I’m very fond of it since I feel that at Acne Studios, we began as a collective and we saw each other as family back then. A modern family. I love those images of families dressing in the same outfit, and this new collection dedicated to the face motif also has a similar feeling of staple goods. It is also a way of highlighting that while every family is different, we all have the same love and want the best for our children. There is no ‘normal’ family — all families are normal.

In an interview with Acne Studios, Kordale stated the following about the possibility of backlash or negative comments on social media:

If you have kids, you don’t have time to think about who likes you, who’s talking about you. It’s just so much more stress on your plate, and I don’t believe in stress. The picture definitely did cause a lot of unwanted attention—we’ve always posted candid pictures of our kids, but with that picture, people somehow thought it was okay to create all this controversy. If we had the chance, we would do it again.

Later he says:

I don’t even think that’s worth my time. We’re in 2017, surely people can know there are gay people with kids, and they’re trying to achieve the same things as any heterosexual couple? It’s the straight parents who are making gay kids anyway. I don’t have to fight anymore. I feel like my voice is more powerful if there’s a legislation that comes up and I can inform my fan base to go out and vote or go to a town hall meeting. Most of the time, if you try to argue or explain to a heterosexual person that I’m gay and I have kids, they already have a preconceived notion of you anyways. Nine times out of 10, you can’t change people’s mindsets through talking. You have to show it through actions. I don’t try to force my opinions on anybody.

And finally?

You shouldn’t have to tell people how we should be treated in the age we are living in now. I’m over all of that. I don’t make it a point to express that I’m a gay parent—I’m a parent. I love my kids as much as you love yours. I want the same great things for my kids as you do for yours. What I do in my bed is none of your business.

To see the whole campaign and interview, visit Acne Studios

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