First Look: Jan Grabs An All Star Cast Of Friends For A Cover Of Andra Day’s ‘Rise Up’

In times of crisis, music has always been a commonality between all of us to heal, inspire and motivate. and the soaring voice of Andra Day’s “Rise Up” has been an anthem that consistently reflects that. As the LGBTQ community continues to be impacted by the current pandemic, one dynamic queen has decided to contribute some positivity in the best way she knows how, through music. RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 alum Jan has released a chill-inducing rendition of “Rise Up” and the video is filled with an all-star cast of friends, accompanied by the New York City starlet in top form, complete with breathtaking vocals.   

Directed by the always stellar Brad Hammer, Jan (& Friends) crafted the video in coordination with and sponsored by AHF and Impulse Group as a way to uplift people’s spirits during these uncertain times with Covid-19. Everyone collectively took the production to the next level teaming up with Stonewall Foundation in an effort to  raise money for LGBTQ people who are suffering the most right now due to Covid -19. 


Here is that donation link:

As of 9 AM on May 6th, this was the total raised.

Jan told me exclusively for Instinct:

I am so excited to be singing Andra Day’s “Rise Up”, especially during this time. One of the most amazing things that this time has taught me is that the arts are resilient and ALWAYS find a way to reach people’s hearts. Now more than ever, we need hope, and this video message from so many artists from around the country is for one common goal: to spread love.

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Full video cast: @monetxchange, @theonlyalaska5000, @honeydavenportofficial, @dextermayfield, @nick_osin, @nickmasc, @eurkeaohara, @rhealitre, @jojoguadz, @ninawest, @ariscestocrat, @mizcracker, @xtravagram, @manilaluzon, @jozeaofficial, @blairstclair, @gingerminj, @cynthialeefontaine, @colbymelvin, @thedevengreen, @irnglx, @laganjaestranja, @idanmat, @maxisms, @andrescamilo_, @adavox, @lashesandcarcrashes, @missjuicyliu, @martigcummings, @cakemoss, @callher6

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