Florida Man Shocked After A Sex Party Guest Robbed Him

Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash

Things got wild and out of hand for one Florida man after he held a three-day house orgy.

According to The Smoking Gun and a Volusia County Sheriff’s Office report, a 63-year-old man is panicking after his “open house party” resulted in a theft. The man told authorities that his 9mm handgun went missing after he held a sex party at his house in Deltona last month.

The retired man told police that the loaded weapon was in a holster on top of the nightstand in his bedroom the last time he saw it.

The problem for police is that the three-day party included a myriad of strangers who were encouraged to “come and go as they pleased,” and “bring along any friends or acquaintances they desired, and … utilize fictitious names, or use no name at all.” In addition, the police report says that the party went from July 19 to July 21 and was “advertised on a gay social media site” and the “theme of the party was ‘anonymous sex.’”

As the victim told The Smoking Gun, he thought it was “pretty low that somebody that I knew stole a gun out of my house.” The man says he keeps the gun on him often, thanks to Florida’s concealed carry laws, and bought it two years ago for $440.

The man also slightly refuted the report’s claims later on by saying he didn’t advertise on gay social media sites. Instead, he met men through gay dating apps Grindr and Adam4Adam. The host later estimated that 20 guests visited his home during the sex party, and that he “only knew five or six personally.”

Despite the host’s comments about a trail through Grindr & Adam4Adam, police believe that there are no leads to follow. As such, the larceny case has been classified by police as “suspended/inactive.”

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