Florida Women Stole Vibrators For a Gay Charity Event

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

A Gulfport, Florida gay bar had its Pride charity items stolen.

According to NBC’s WFLA, two women are being condemned for stealing a set of vibrators that were purchased for Salty’s Bar in Gulfport. The bar was using the different colored toys for a Pride-themed charity race dated May 29. The toys were meant to race on an aluminum sheet with patrons placing bets on which color will finish first. The proceeds from the betting would then go to charity.


But, again, the vibrators at the very heart of the charity event were stolen. On May 17, the bar’s owner, J.P. Brewer, reported to police that two women came into the bar on 5413 Shore Blvd South. He says the women initially sat down at the bar before one walked over to a metal bucket that held the 13 toys. She then left with the Vibrator Races toys.

“Those girls have been calling up here all day. I have one of their names from a bar tab, and I gave both their numbers to the police,” Brewer told The Gabber. “I’m pressing charges because I obviously don’t want the stolen property back.”

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Despite knowing the identities of the two women, the police were initially hesitant to push the issue. This is because the total value of the vibrators and their batteries was an estimated $200.


“We know who did it, but we have not yet made contact,” Gulfport Police Chief Rob Vincent initially said. “Value of the stolen property is only $200, so the case will have a 14-day follow up due date.” 

Though, 11 of the vibrators were unwrapped and could possibly have cost more.

“I had just picked up three that were priced at $75 each,” Brewer said.


In the end, Brewer posted a photo of the two women. That led to an influx of donation requests and interest in catching the culprits. Preparations for the Vibrator Races were then continued as scheduled before the incident. Thankfully, the sex toys were later returned on May 20. And, according to WFLA, Brewer has chosen not to pursue any legal action.

As for the charity proceeds after the May 29 event, the donations will go toward the Gulfport Library’s LGBTQ Resource Center.

Source: WFLA, The Gabber,

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