For The First Time In Five Years, Lauryn Hill Drops Brand New Music

Since The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill captivated the nation in 1998, fans have been clamoring for Lauryn Hill’s return to musical form. Several days ago, she released a track that is the closest thing we have heard to the young lady that provided us with one of the true musical masterpieces of the generation with her multi Grammy winning album. 

Rolling Stone reports that Hill has been performing the song “Guarding The Gates” live for a number of years, but this is the first time we’ve been able to indulge in it as an actual release (the track will be featured on the upcoming soundtrack for the film Queen & Slim. The track itself is a grown up Lauryn Hill, full of sweeping strings & orchestration throughout the track along with a matured, yet still raw vocal style that Hill has become known for. 


Queen & Slim is an upcoming romantic-thriller starring Daniel Kaluuya that addresses issues of race and police brutality, both head on. These subjects are topics that Hill keeps close to her heart, so much so that she dedicated her last solo song, 2014’s “Black Rage,” to the city of Ferguson. “Guarding the Gates” tells the story of a narrator finding love while at the same time, feeling persecuted. 

Queen & Slim is in theaters November 27th

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