Former Diver Matthew Mitcham Reveals a Big Secret About His Marriage

In an episode of ‘SAS Australia: Who Dares Wins’ on Tuesday, former Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham confessed about lying to his husband Luke Rutherford, who is a British adult film star.

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“I’ve caused so much hurt and serious damage to the relationship. I hurt the people who are most important to me because honesty is not one of my core values. And I’m a liar,” Mitcham admitted.


He added,

“I struggle to tell the truth when it’s difficult.”

Moreover, the 35-year-old Australian retired diver made a shocking confession about his sexual behavior outside of his marriage. He also revealed about lying to his husband Rutherford about sex with other partners despite the married couple having “an understanding.”

(c) Instagram: @matthewmitcham88

When asked if he is worried about the possibility of being a “compulsive liar,” Mitcham answered:

“Maybe, yeah that would a very shameful thing for me to admit.”

In 2018, the couple first got together while Rutherford was on a road trip. Thereafter, they announced their engagement in 2019 after being in a relationship for seven months. In 2020, Mitcham and Rutherford tied the knot at the Chateau de Halloy in Belgium.

Not to mention, both of them are creators on OnlyFans. Mitcham launched his page earlier this year, while Rutherford has already been a top creator on the platform.

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