Former Pit Crew Member Wilson Lai on His Absence from ‘Drag Race’

Wilson Lai debuted as a pit crew member in ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4’, and he has remained memorable to the viewers despite not returning in the show since Season 11.

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In fact, Twitter user @GreenGayYT expressed his sentiment on wanting to see the hottie back in the pit crew:


Meanwhile, Lai responded to the tweet by sharing screenshots of his lengthy statement. 

“Ok what you guys need to understand is that I was never part of their core pit crew group. I was never offered a contract I was never suggested or hinted that I would be part of their main group,” he began to explain.


The fitness influencer added, 

“They only ever contacted me when they needed to cast a lot of people for a specific mini-challenge or for whatever the show required that needed more bodies.”

Moreover, he also shared his sentiments on being in the show, as well as revealed a few not so positive aspects of appearing as a pit crew member.

“Initially, it was a dream come true just to be a part of the show, but the attention I got from it, from Drag Race fans, was very overwhelming and not necessarily in a good way,” Lai admitted.


He continued, explaining:

“To add context, the seasons I was on the show the Drag Race community was at its highest in terms of toxic behavior. I remember multiple times some friends would get harassed and stalked just based on their proximity to me.”

“I would see comments on the internet of people just trashing my boyfriend, and he would see it and get hurt… plus, too, the pay rate to be on the show isn’t worth the time and effort it would take for me to make it work on my schedule,” Lai further expressed about his experience as a pit crew member in ‘Drag Race’.

You can check out his full statement here:



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