Former X Factor Star’s Proposal Vid Goes Viral

Screenshots via Twitter @OyNAISA

The following video will brighten your day.

Former X Factor contestant Naisa Lasalosi is currently making the rounds on the internet after his boyfriend, Adam Price, proposed to him.

The video, that started to trend earlier this week, shows the couple enjoying what Lasalosi thought was a normal walk by the water. But it turns out, Price had more planned for the outing. Upon seeing the special set up by Price, Lasalosi thought the scenario was the works of another couple. Price then had to convince his boyfriend-turned-fiancé that the display was for them.

A path of roses led the couple to a candlelit dinner by the water. And with the setup seeming pretty obvious in its intention, Price got down on one knee and proposed.

Again, the video started to go viral on Twitter with over 1.24 million views, 55.2 thousand likes, and 11.5 thousand people talking about it (at the point of this article’s publishing).

As for Lasalosi, he joined the conversation over on Instagram to express his love and joy to be partnered with Price.

“I love you A. I love everything about you. My heart leaps!” he wrote for the post. “Cheers to forever catching the sun and sleeping under stars together.”

And while Lasalosi has received some homophobic pushback over the video, he made sure to share a message of love and acceptance.

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