Frankie Grande Ends Relationship With Married Couple After Two Months

Just two months after dating married couple Daniel Sinasohn and Mike Pophis, YouTuber Frankie Grande has confirmed that he has split from the throuple and is back on the market. Grande spoke with US Weekly and shared that their breakup has been amicable, but necessary.

I’m super grateful for my last relationship. I grew so much in it, and at the same time, it wasn’t working out anymore. I’m super glad that we decided to end things amicably. And that we can all remain friends … that’s the important thing.

You have double the highs, double the excitement … but also double the lows, double the drama.

Grande introduced his boyfriends last year during Bette Midler’s Hulaween party in New York City. The three seemed to be like three peas in a pod—but I guess now it’s more of a three’s a crowd type of situation. He had told US Weekly that each of them completed him in a different way.






gotta love a ring light.

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But everything is temporary and celebrity throuples are no exception. We hope Frankie is having a good time being back at party of one and that soon finds the man (or men) of his dreams.

h/t: US Weekly


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  1. Might be using the ring light

    Might be using the ring light wrong. It should create even lighting, not highlight the under eye puffiness and bags. 

  2. Did they finally figure out

    Did they finally figure out he's a moocher and not much of anything else? Or that he's 30something and still acting like he's 17 and desperately clinging onto his long long lost youth……


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