Frankie Grande Talks About Hopes for Possible ‘Big Brother: All-Stars’

Frankie Grande is more than willing to join a potential ‘Big Brother: All-Stars,’ but there are certain conditions that he would be considering.

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The 40-year-old Broadway star competed in Season 16 of ‘Big Brother,’ and on the latest episode of EW’s Quick Drag podcast, he admitted:


“I’m not done with Big Brother. Like, there’s no way I’m done with Big Brother.”

However, he is wary of something, which he shared:

“I’m cautious because I’m afraid of going out like Janelle did in the last season of All-Stars.”

Janelle Pierzina is a three-timeĀ competitor and fan favorite, who placed 14th in Season 22. Moreover, Grande has some hopes and conditions to consider if ever he would be joining the potential season.


“I know that I’m gonna walk into that house with a massive target on my back, so I would need it to be, like, Big Brother: Legends. Honestly, the only way that I would be safe is if I was in that house with Dan Gheesling, and Mike ‘Boogie’ [Malin] and Derrick Levasseur, and, you know, the biggest, Janelle, get her back. Britney [Haynes Godwin], I want Rachel [Reilly Villegas] in there. I want to be in there with all humongous players. If that was the case, I think I would be able to find a path to the end, but otherwise I’m just going to be there for one week. What’s the point? You know,” he expressed.

The actor, singer and dancer also revealed a bit of what his game plan would be, sharing:

“I would play a completely different game because, you know, I am much older…

I’d definitely have a different strategy, but, ultimately, I would lead with who I am, which is what I did the last time. You know, go in there, make friends. I went into that Big Brother house to make friends and make lifelong relationships. I’d do the same in a Legends season. I would love to get to know them because I have admired them my entire life.”

Grande added:


“I would try and win the first HoH again. I think that I stayed as long as I did because I won the first HoH, to be honest. If I lose that first [competition], maybe I’d just be like, ‘No, I’m not winning a competition all season and that’s fine.'”

‘Big Brother’ Season 25 is approaching this summer, and CBS currently has open casting calls scheduled, so the possibility of an All Stars for the upcoming season seems slim. It doesn’t hurt to manifest though!


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  1. Maybe they’ll have more than one gay contestant this year. I know I always root for the gay contestants over any of the others. I grew up seeing virtually no gay characters anywhere so I love seeing the gay ones make it far in these competition shows.

  2. He’s deluded. 1) The fans don’t want him back on Big Brother and 2) he was no strategic mastermind you’d want to target first


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