From Pensive To Powerful: New Music From Out Artists

Check out the empowering new single from pop artist Ryan Nealon - "Strangers"
Ryan Nealon (photo: Jeremy Jackson)

Start your week with these terrific new tracks from out recording artists Ryan Nealon, Nicole Serrano, Bronze Avery, Riotron & Big Freedia.

Singer/songwriter Ryan Nealon drops his new pop single, “Strangers,” which takes an honest, authentic look at how we sometimes change ourselves to try and fit in. Nealon’s vocals effortlessly skip across the driving synth-pop soundscape as the artist serves up clever lyrics that offer an unflinching, self-aware journey to finding our own center.


Threw all my clothes away, heard they were out of style
Bought brands I can’t pronounce so maybe you’ll like me
Played the life of the party
Forcin’ down whiskey with people I don’t wanna know

In an Instagram post, Nealon wrote that sharing the track (and its message) with the world “feels like a full circle moment.” He added that he’s proud of “detaching myself from ridiculous expectations that say you have be a certain age or body type to succeed in the music industry.”

You can follow Ryan Nealon on Instagram here.

Bronze Avery's new single "Figure It Out"
Bronze Avery (photo: Justin Gilbert)

Rising pop artist Bronze Avery recently released his post-break-up bop, “Figure It Out,” that says ‘no’ to the emotional labor of toxic relationships and focuses instead on the freedom of no longer being burdened by something that diminishes your self-worth.

The addictive track has a rich, soulful sensibility as Avery’s aching vocals deliver waves of sensual serotonin to the listener.

Appearing on the cover of Billboard after winning Billboard NXT – a competition for finding superstar potential in unsigned artists – Bronze has gone on to receive critical acclaim from Rolling Stone, PAPER, Buzzfeed, MTV, and more for soundtracking the queer experience and weaving the appeal of R&B and dance music into a singular sound with hints of his other influences including reggaetón, hip-hop and house.


Take a listen to “Figure It Out” from Bronze Avery and follow him on Instagram here.

Nicole Serrano releases her intimate, expressive new single "Belief"
Nicole Serrano (photo: Nancy-Jae Park)

Nicole Serrano’s latest single, “Belief,” is a deeply personal track to her coming out journey. The stunning vocalist came out as queer last June sharing her story on Good Morning America as well as Instinct Magazine, PEOPLE, The Advocate, and more.


Serrano, who spent years in worship music, says she “felt it was important to address my coming out to the religious community that’s supported me up until this point in my life and career.” She adds, “It was important to let that group of people know that if they feel they can’t support me or follow me anymore, I understand – because those very same beliefs kept me from myself all those years.”

“Belief” has a comfortable, languid soundscape which pairs perfectly with Serrano’s expressive, intimate vocals. Follow Nicole Serrano on the Gram of Insta here.

Riotron and Big Freedia release their super collaboration "Drop A Bomb"
(a scene from Drop A Bomb)

Canadian electro-pop artist, Riotron, teams up with the queen of bounce music, Big Freedia, for “Drop A Bomb.” The high-energy bop encourages folks to be yourself fearlessly without worrying who you are going to offend. 

Riotron (aka Jeff Fettes) and Big Freedia (also featured on Beyonce’s “Break My Soul”) throw down big, bold sonic flavors that land like a boss. The eye-popping music video (5.6 million views at this writing) serves up the artists as animated super-heroes on a mission to rescue humans from their colorless lives by spreading “Sex, Fame, Money, and Glamour” via color bombs.

In May, Riotron released his moving music video, “Life Is What We’re Living,” featuring Tyler Posey and ‘80s film icon Lea Thompson in an emotional celebration to connections to our mothers.

Follow Riotron on Instagram here and Big Freedia here.

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