From Sexy Slow Dance To Bar Busting Line Dance

Cameron Hawthorn (screen capture)

After making a splash with his oh-so-romantical music video, “Dancing In The Living Room,” out country singer Cameron Hawthorn’s follow-up single takes the action from a living room two-step to busting a move in a barroom line dance.

“After you’ve had that late-night dance in the living room, ‘Oh Hot Damn!’ is how you end your night,” Cameron told The Country Note. “I’m newly single, and I wrote ‘Oh Hot Damn!’ after sparking up a flame with a special guy. When the chemistry you have with someone is undeniable, you have to acknowledge it – with an exclamation mark.”

The music video for “Oh Hot Damn!” finds Hawthorn in a playful mood as he wanders into a country bar and immediately sets his sights on a blond country hottie (Ben Bigler) who’s snack AF tearing up the dance floor.

Cameron initially tries to play it cool, but sometimes you’ve got to carpe diem.

Ben Bigler (screen capture)

“To be frank, it’s the first song I wrote about sex,” Hawthorn shared with HuffPost. “I was thinking about line dancing and how people — when they go to line dance, they own it, you know? They don’t care what anybody thinks. So it’s about being turned on by somebody and finding the freedom to express it.”

In the video, Hawthorn finally jumps on the dance floor, and like Dorothy finding Oz, his world (dancing next to the blond hottie) gains that much more color and life.

Hawthorn’s “Oh Hot Damn!” is now available on all digital download and streaming platforms. Check out the sexy video below.

Prior to the release of “Dancing in the Living Room,” the handsome crooner had spent time on the west coast recording music for television and film projects.

But the romantic “Living Room” video prompted coverage from all sorts of mainstream media including People, The Advocate, and the usually straight-as-an-arrow country music network CMT

It seems living an authentic life can have its rewards.

“I’d been doing music for a while and I wasn’t out,” he shared with HuffPost. “People were saying, ‘Who is Cameron Hawthorn? What do you want to say as an artist?’ And I knew what I wanted to say, but I was scared to say it. I sat on [the video] for so long, and I thought a lot about whether I wanted [my sexuality] to be a part of my story. But I’m inspired by other artists who are true to who they are, so I saw it as my chance to go out there on a limb and just do it with no regrets.” 

Here’s Cameron’s ‘coming out’ Instagram post:

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Wrote this last night and keep rereading it and rereading it. But here we go: Let me first say as I type this, I’m not sure if I’ll actually post it. But I’ve been wanting to for so long and I hope I do because it’s time. I just saw two movies, two nights in a row. The first was Boy Erased, last night. I saw it with one of my friends who is gay. This movie is about standing up for who you are in the face of people who want to deny you of your truth. My friend does that each and every day. And I’m proud to call him a friend because of that and much more. But you see, I’m also gay. And I haven’t felt like I could say that proudly until very recently. My journey getting here has taken many years and hasn’t been easy. There has been a lot of confusion, doubt, heartbreak and pain along the way. But also a lot of freedom, openness, and love. I’m so happy that I can finally stand proud in being who I am. And owning that whole-heartedly. I sadly and narrow-mindedly used to think that when people “came out”, they had lost themselves, given themselves up to the wrong “sinful” side, and just simply given up. But that is actually the complete opposite of what coming out is. It’s finding yourself, understanding yourself more fully, believing that you were made exactly the way you were supposed to be made. Seeing Boy Erased made me feel that undeniable feeling even more. Tonight I saw Bohemian Rhapsody, the life story of Freddie Mercury. As an artist, I’m blown away and inspired beyond words. As a gay artist, I’m so ready to tell my story and sing my truth to the world. I am, have always been and will always be Cameron. I’m so ready for the ride ahead and THANK YOU and LOVE YOU to those who have been by my side through it all. Another great movie if you haven’t seen it…Won’t You Be My Neighbor? “Nobody else can live the life you live. And even though no human being is perfect, we always have the chance to bring what’s unique about us to live in a redeeming way.” -Mr. Rogers ❤️

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