Recently Out Country Singer Cameron Hawthorn Debuted A Gay-Inclusive Music Video

Image via YouTube video for song

Country singer Cameron Hawthorn has opened up and created gay representation in his latest video.

The rising singer released a music video for the song “Dancing in the Living Room.” The video shows Hawthorn in an early to mid-20th century setting. The singer’s being televised in a black and white tv broadcast. While listening to his performance, a man and a woman hang out in their living room. They then start to dance.


The video then transitions into a modern day setting. Two women are seen unpacking into what appears to be a new home. Happy with their new movie and life change, the two slow dance in their sparse abode. They are then joined by an elderly couple dancing in their own home.

Eventually, Cameron Hawthorn leaves the stage to dance in his own living room with a lover.

If you want to watch the video, you can do so below.

Talking to The Advocate, Cameron Hawthorne shared that his idea for the song and music video comes from personal memories of dancing with a boyfriend.


“I remember always thinking how special it was to dance freely with my boyfriend in the living room of our apartment — being gay, it’s not as easy to dance as a couple in public together as it is for a straight couple,” the singer shared. “I wanted to express how special that moment is for a couple, when it’s just the two of you in the privacy of your own four walls.”

Then back in November, the country singer came out officially as gay through social media. He spoke about how the film Boy Erased affected him as a gay viewer.

“You see, I’m also gay. And I haven’t felt like I could say that proudly until very recently. My journey getting here has taken many years and hasn’t been easy,” the singer explained on social media. “There has been a lot of confusion, doubt, heartbreak and pain along the way. But also a lot of freedom, openness, and love. I’m so happy that I can finally stand proud in being who I am. And owning that whole-heartedly.”

He later added:

“I sadly and narrow-mindedly used to think that when people “came out”, they had lost themselves, given themselves up to the wrong “sinful” side, and just simply given up. But that is actually the complete opposite of what coming out is. It’s finding yourself, understanding yourself more fully, believing that you were made exactly the way you were supposed to be made.”

“Seeing Boy Erased made me feel that undeniable feeling even more.”

“Tonight I saw Bohemian Rhapsody, the life story of Freddie Mercury. As an artist, I’m blown away and inspired beyond words. As a gay artist, I’m so ready to tell my story and sing my truth to the world. I am, have always been and will always be Cameron. I’m so ready for the ride ahead and THANK YOU and LOVE YOU to those who have been by my side through it all.”

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