Fur, Fun, And A Party On The Beach

Milahroy in 'My Malibu' (screen captures)
Milahroy and friend in ‘My Malibu’ (screen captures)

Out singer/songwriter Milahroy invites you to follow the furry goodness on the way to “My Malibu (feat. theLMNOP).”

The bouncy indie bop has a fun, infectious folk/pop vibe that conjures up echoes of Mumford and Sons – only more fun.


Aye – Ridin’ on a wave / Ya I’m sailin’ away to my oasis
Aye – Ridin’ on a wave / Sunset I’m chasin’
Makin my way to you / Need to have my Malibu

“‘My Malibu’ isn’t a place or a person – it’s where I go when I open that guitar case & grab my instrument – it lights me up,” says Milahroy. “I feel I enter this oasis that is unworldly.”


In past music videos, the handsome artist has been kidnapped by dark forces (“Cool“), chased by zombies (“D.F.O.“), and hidden away in his own personal disconnection (“Daylight“).

But in “My Malibu” – directed by interiorstate –  our hero is out in the wilderness searching for his happy place with a gorilla bro and a beach-bound granny.

Maps in hand, he and his compatriots search over hill and dale until finally taking a flying scooter to get to the magic sands of Malibu for a sunset soiree.


That could sound kind of random but, like in all his music videos, there’s always a meaning when it comes to Milahroy.

“As for the gorilla & grandmother, there’s a big balance between the masc/fem energy in myself & my upbringing,” explains the artist. “I’ve had both my grandmothers present during my childhood, they would babysit a lot & watch over my siblings and I.”

“As for the gorilla, my father is where I get all my fur! I used to hate it – but when I learned to let go & accept it, I began to love it!”


Milahroy adds that when his director showed him the two characters “it just felt they were a part of me.” He admits that, while the music video is silly,  he feels it’s “very fitting to the type of quirky personality I have!”

The whole endeavor is light-hearted and full of whimsical imagery. Whether partying in the woods with his furry bro, or flying high above cotton-candy pink clouds, the song represents those ineffable ideas that feed our souls.


“‘My Malibu’ could be anything that lights us up, whether it’s our person, a location, an inanimate object or even a memory that keeps us going.”

The new single is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and other digital streaming platforms. Follow Milahroy on Instagram here.

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