Gay Church Altarpiece Removed (But Not For What You Think)

Photo by Stephen Radford on Unsplash

It looks like an LGBTQ Adam and Even painting was too much for one Christian community to handle. But the painting wasn’t removed for the reason you’re most likely thinking.

A Swedish church has decided to remove an LGBTQ-themed Adam and Eve painting after two weeks of deliberation. The St. Paul’s Church in Malmo, Sweden only just recently acquired the painting two weeks ago. The painting, which depicts Adam and Even as two same-sex couples, was created by Swedish photographer and artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin. It was then hung as an altarpiece. But while the art was created with the explicit purpose of being inclusive, it was problematic in its inclusivity.

According to RT, the Church’s inclusion of Wallin’s painting within its walls led to buzz and controversy from both the congregation and the general public. Eventually, those within the church took time to analyze feedback. They then came to the decision to take down the painting and move it to a “different location,” according to Pastor Per Svensson.

But what ultimately led to this decision? Was it a One Million Moms-esque open letter leading to a removal? No, it was, in fact, fear of misrepresenting transgender people.

According to Pastor Svensson, the serpent that tempted Adam and Eve was depicted as a transgender person. It was this interpretation that crossed the line for the church’s officials.

“The serpent traditionally symbolizes evil, and turning it into a transgender person can mean that a transgender person is evil or is the devil,” Svensson explained. “The Church of Sweden certainly cannot stand by that.”

Svensson and company ultimately decided that the painting was too problematic for use in front of the general public.

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