Gay Couples Are Loving Twitter’s ‘HowItStarted/HowItEnded’ Trend

Image via Taylor Phillips & Twitter @TaylorJPhillips

Here’s a little love to make you smile. As far as Twitter trends go, we’re big fans of moments when people join together to celebrate love and happiness. And, thankfully, that’s exactly what happened within the last week.

This happy moment on the internet caught fire when a Twitter user under the handle @bealefilms tweeted a before and after picture of her relationship. In the tweet, we see the text “how it started” above a photo of a Twitter conversation from 2018. In the conversation, an account named @claireoh asks, “hey any mutual wanna be my friend i swear im nice sometimes.” @bealfilms then responded with a waving hand emoji. Next to that, we see @bealefilms and @claireoh embraced in a kiss while wearing wedding gowns. Above that photo is the caption “how it ended.”

“2 years, 4000 miles, and 47288292828292 calls later, here we are :),” @bealefilms wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Since then, the “how it started/how it ended,” meme has trended on several corners of Twitter. From fandom circles where people share pictures of their favorite tv show couples to people sharing pictures of their straight relationships. But, of course, there were also plenty of same-sex couples sharing the love too. Here are a few of our favorites.

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