Gay Muslim Ousted From Dating Show (Before Filming!)

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One gay man is unlucky in love. Even in the reality tv sphere.

As a Gay Muslim man from Australia named Wil Karroum told the Daily Mail, he was ousted from the tv show Married At First Sight before even getting on the air. And the reason? They couldn’t find anyone to match with him.

Karroum says he was rejected in an email towards the start of September after relationship experts “could not find a match.” This was after five months of “being strung along” but casting agents and producers.

The 40-year-old shares his surprise that after looking through “over 1,000 gay people,” the producers and team could not find any matching applicants.

“I understand rejection is a part of life, but I feel like I’ve been played as a fool and had a carrot dangled in front of me,” said Wil.

“I foolishly believed the process and I genuinely want to find love. I’m a gay Muslim man and I get no support from my family, I need all the help I can get,” he added.

According to New Idea, Wil had bet a lot on his potential appearance on the reality show. He had even held off on moving to the Gold Coast and a trip to America after producers told him he had a chance of appearing on tv.

In the end, Wil believes that his chances on the show were cut not because of a lack of a match but because of a need to “cast more headline-worthy contestants.”

Is that true or not? Frankly, we’ll never know.

Sources: The Daily Mail, New Idea

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