Gay Soldier In Trouble For Military Hospital Adult Vids

Alonza Parker / Images via WJLA

A gay U.S. Army soldier is in the hot seat after exposing himself and recording sexual interactions while working at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

E-4 specialist Alonza Parker is the soldier in question. Parker used to work in the hospital’s sterilization and process center where medical equipment used for surgeries was stored, processed, and prepared for operation.

According to ABC7 WJLA, it was Parker’s ex-boyfriend William Beltz who brought the tapes, which included geological data pinpointing to the hospital’s location, to the army’s attention. The army then immediately charged Parker with Indecent visual recording, violation of a military protective order, and conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces. According to the US. Army’s Office of the Surgeon General, the army has also removed Parker of his positioned and banned him from entering the hospital.

As WJLA reports:

“In one video a man Beltz claims to be Parker looks back at the camera while having sex under a stall in a public bathroom at Walter Reed with another man while Parker videotaped it with an I-Pod Touch. Beltz claims another video shot inside Walter Reed shows a man Beltz claims is Parker walking thru Walter Reed exposing himself next to shelves of sterilized medical equipment. … Another video shows a man Beltz claims is Parker pleasuring himself in front of a mirror in a locker room at Walter Reed.”

But why did Beltz tell the army about his ex-boyfriend’s tapes? He says, it’s because “Alonza Parker is a gentleman who gives the gay community a bad reputation.”

Sources: WJLA, Towleroad

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