Gay Teen Sentenced For Murdering His High School Bully

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After Fatally Stabbing His Tormentor, Abel Cedeno Is Sentenced In New York

In September 2017, Abel Cedeno was arrested and found guilty after murdering one of his longtime bullies and severely injuring another at his Bronx high school. The reason? One we in the LGBTQ community may be all too familiar with: Childhood torment. While the best of us have chosen to never give up and let karma do it’s job (which trust me, it does), Cedeno had reached a breaking point after being ridiculed for his then-hidden sexuality for years. Cedeno maintains his actions were in self-defense of his aggressors.

According to NBC News, Cedeno was found guilty of manslaughter and assault and criminal possession of a weapon back in July. He was facing up to fifty years in prison. Cedeno has now been sentenced to fourteen years in prison for his crimes. He will get out of jail when he is thirty-four years old.

Murder should not be taken lightly, but I cannot help but feel there needs to be a broader conversation not only regarding bullying, but bullying of LGBTQ students. There must be action taken to protect all students, but my heart goes out especially to those LGBTQ students because I was one of those being bullied daily before I went to high school. Too many youth are ruining their own lives through their actions of being on the receiving end of bullying: Either by winding up with confidence issues, committing suicide, or revenge as mentioned in this article. This is a heinous tragedy and I am devastated for all of the parties involved.

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2 thoughts on “Gay Teen Sentenced For Murdering His High School Bully”

  1. I’m sorry, I feel For this kid. It comes to a point where you can’t take it anymore and no one is helping you. I’ve been in that exact same situation. And while someone
    might argue that words are not the same as physical violence, you’re right. Words stay with you forever and it’s hard to just walks away. It’s sucks that he was sentenced but that other kid got what he deserved. Sorry not sorry. Don’t bully people.

  2. No. There’s no “but”: words/bullying are NOT equal to physical violence. If it IS to you – it’s only your choise. Or your parents are idiots who raised you vulnerable to shit someone say, but still – it doesn’t justify violence or murder.


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