Gay TV Show Gets Viewer Boost Thanks To Conservative’s Rant

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Thanks to one homophobic lawmaker from Hong Kong, we now know this show exists!

According to the Hong Kong Free Press, a pro-Beijing politician, meaning he supports China taking back full control of the country, ranted about a hit tv series with a gay romance. And because of that, the show has gotten even more popular.


Junius Ho is the man we have to thank. The lawmaker went on his hateful rant on Sunday while talking at parliament’s annual book fair. He said the show was like “sugar-coated marijuana” that promoted “childless families,” which goes against Chinese values. As local news sources report, however, China’s national law concerning raising children is not enforced in Hong Kong.

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Despite Hong Kong legally being a semi-autonomous area, there has been growing conflict over the idea of China regaining full control. We in the West first heard word of this in 2019 when a gay lawmaker, Ray Chan, got into a fight within Hong Kong’s parliament building over the idea.

Violence around the idea has not only continued but escalated to riots in the streets. The turmoil has even caused major concern over Hong Kong hosting the 2022 Gay Games. As you might expect, Junius Ho has shared some opinions on Hong Kong hosting the Gay Games. Last month, he called it “disgraceful” and said the city should not chase “dirty money.”


In the end, however, Junius Ho’s hate has ended up helping fans of LGBTQ media by inadvertently promoting the show. The show, titled Ossan’s Love (or Uncle’s Love) is a hit project of ViuTV and was released in late June. Starring Edan Lui, Anson Lo, and Kenny Wong, the series is an adaptation of a 2016 Japanese series. The show then became the first mainstream television drama to feature a gay romance as the central storyline in Hong Kong (as the Japanese version did in its respective region).

Ossan’s Love follows an office worker named Tin (Edan Lui) who finds himself in a love triangle between his boss and his roommate. Specifically, he discovers that his boss KK (Kenny Wong) is secretly in love with him. KK then confesses and reveals he’s getting a divorce to pursue his employee. Tin then confines in his friends and discovers his co-worker and roommate Muk (Anson Lo) is also in love with him. While this news first unsettles Tin, he soon finds himself falling in love. But, with which man?

If you’d like to watch Ossan’s Love yourself, ViuTV is releasing the series for free (though, with ads) over YouTube. But keep in mind, those official videos do not contain English subtitles.

Source: Hong Kong Free Press,

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