George Michael’s Ex-Lover Is Charged With Smashing Salon Window

Credit: Fadi Fawaz Twitter

George Michael‘s ex-fling Fadi Fawaz is in the headlines again. The Daily Mail reported that he was charged with smashing a beauty salon window four days before the fourth anniversary of the “Father Figure” singer’s death.

The 44-year-old is accused of causing £800 worth of damage (roughly $1,100 in US dollars) by shattering a window at Le Fix Natural Beauty in Central London.


According to their report the incident took place on December 21. Le Fix boarded up and closed their shop as a result. 

Interestingly enough The Sun claimed that Fawaz was also found breaking into Michael’s £5 million London townhouse around that same time. He apparently climbed over the security fence and broke a window in order to gain entrance to the home.

“Fadi looked in a bad way, like he’d been living rough,” a witness told the publication. “He was very emotional.” He had to be forcibly removed from the property but wasn’t charged by authorities.

The freelance photographer & celebrity hairstylist began a relationship with Michael back in 2012. Fawaz was the one to discover him dead in his bed on Christmas Day 2016.

Things appeared to have spiraled for him since the “Faith” singer’s passing. Fawaz wasn’t included in his will which totaled close to $100 million dollars. He instead chose to leave his fortune for his family members and professional associates. 

The news of Michael not leaving him a dime may have had its effects as Fawaz was banned from his property one month later. In July 2019 he was discovered in a drugged out rage taking a sledgehammer to the walls, ceilings and even the property’s toilets. 

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