Get in Loser. We are going to Broadway

Mean Girls: The Musical opens on Broadway tomorrow, Sunday April 8, so we figured you'd want to know all the deets about the show: Who's in the cast; is the story the same; and is butter still a carb?

The totally fetch 2004 film is making its Broadway debut when it opens on Sunday after having successful previews and a sold-out run in Washington D.C. last fall.

So what do we know for certain, and what do you have to look forward to? Well first and foremost, the writer of Mean Girls, Tina Fey, is overseeing the story. That means all of the movie’s best moments will be shown and the plot is essentially the same. Oh, and what would Mean Girls be without those iconic quotes: "On Wednesdays we wear pink." "You can't sit with us!" Yep, our favorites are all in there. 

What's new to the show? For starters, Mean Girls came out a whopping 14 years ago, and a lot has changed in the girl-eat-girl high school world. The big two —smart phones and social media. The characters now have both and a lot of the plot depends upon it. There is a moment where Karen ("I'm a mouse, duh.") tells her male classmates not to spread sexts or nude pictures they’ve gotten from their female peers.

The other big change is the music. Now we get to hear our favorite characters singing original songs with music by Fey’s husband, Jeff Richmond and lyrics from Nell Benjamin (Legally Blonde). 

One example of the music is a song sung by the daughter of the inventor of Toaster Strudel, Gretchen Weiners, called "What's Wrong With Me?":

Tell me what's wrong with me,
My body, face, my hair. 
Tell me all my many faults, 
Tell me like you care. 
When we both know you're cruel, 
And we both know you're right, 
I could listen to you like a fool all night.

The last big change is the cast. And it's a good one! Cady Heron (orginated in the film by Lindsay Lohan) will be played by Les Miserables' Erika Henningsen. Regina George (Rachel McAdams in the film) will be played by Kinky Boots' Taylor Louderman. The math teacher Ms. Norbury (Tiny Fey) will be played by Tony nominee Kerry Butler who was Penny Pingleton in the original cast of Hairspray.

Now, unlike Karen, I don't have ESPN, but I know that this show is going to be a totally fetch hit. See a first look of the show below:


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