Get Ready For The First-Ever Queer Game Show ‘Versus’ From Revry TV

Versus ft. Image – Revry TV

Do you think the world is ready for a queer game show? Well, honey, if it’s not – too bad, because Revry, the first global LGBTQ+ TV network, welcomes the holiday season by releasing the first-ever queer game show, Versus.

Versus – developed and hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race icon, Deven Green and award-winning musician Ned Douglas, made its debut on December 4. The show is quirky with a clever experimental concept: Two contestants compete against each other in a series of rapid-fire rounds that rely heavily on their ability to remember their own social media posts. 


Revry describes the show as a hybrid of Wipeout and Billy On The Street. As the show’s host, Green plows through her jokes and one-liners like the pro she is, with solid comedic timing, fast and funny. Some people may recognize her from the cult parodies Welcome To My Home & Welcome To My White House, ” as a judge on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” portraying the satirical “Betty Bowers – America’s Best Christian,” hosting high-profile auctions, legendary bingo, and comedy panels at DragCon. Yaaaaaas honey, girlfriend works – a lot!

Verus is a lot of fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Quite honestly, I welcome its silliness as we bring the year 2020 to a close. It’s been a tough one for all of us, so I commend Versus for giving us a reason to smile and laugh again as we count down days to the new year.

The debut season of Versus welcomes a bevy of notable LGBTQIA contestants, including iconic drag queen Varla Jean Merman (aka Jeffrey Roberson); TV talk show The Q Agenda hosts Enrique Sapene and Lianna Carrera; reality TV star, On Mekahel; musician Christopher Saint; actor Cole JenkinsChannel Q radio host, Ryan Mitchell; and actor, Matt Baume.

Contestant Jeffrey Roberson (Varla Jean Merman) and Versus host Deven Green

As game shows go, Versus is unique in that having a good time far outweighs accurate scorekeeping, and winning prizes is far less important than winning laughs.

Check out the trailer for Versus and add some Ha Ha Ha’s to the season of Ho Ho Ho’s!


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