Get Ready Gayborhood-“Queer Eye” Lands In Philadelphia For Season Five

The boys of Queer Eye have certainly been keeping busy between seasons, channeling their creativity and working on their own individual projects; Karamo dropped the adorable and timely children’s book I Am Perfectly Designed, Antoni Porowski has been doing his own cooking segments online, Tan France launched Next In Fashion (also on Netflix), and Bobby Berk has been continuing his uber successful line of wallpaper, furniture and art. They dropped the mini season of Queer Eye: We’re In Japan late last year, and now have returned for Season Five of Queer Eye, this time with a location change; the boys of Queer Eye are docking in The City of Brotherly Love; Philadelphia, PA! 


The new season (their biggest yet, with ten full episodes) launches on Netflix June 5th, and based on the trailer, seems loaded with heartwarming stories, hilarious moments with the boys, and tissue worthy moments galore (the story that looks to be told of a man of faith particularly conflicted between his faith and his truest self looks to be one of the best stories yet). 

Music has always been a large part of the Queer Eye experience also. The boys have curated their own Spotify playlists and Betty Who recreated the “All Things” theme song that Widelife & Simone Denney had performed for the Bravo iteration of the series. Now, they are giving some much deserved shine to another new and emerging artist, by having Vincint crafting the inspiring single “Be Me” specifically for Queer Eye’s fifth season. (You can check out the single here)



As you prepare for Season Five, check out some of Queer Eye‘s more tearjerking moments with this complication curated by Netflix. 


“Queer Eye” Season Five drops on Netflix June 5th

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