Getting Wet, Getting Pumped, And Grabbing The Gronk

Sharing some Instagram eye-candy for your holiday weekend beginning with Lucho looking snack AF at the beach:

Zac Efron posed poetically pensive by the pool:

Sterling Walker enjoyed the beach vibes of Bodrum, Turkey:

Pretty sure if you look up “muscle daddy” in the dictionary there’ll be a pic of Nick Fleming:

Newly-crowned Mr. Gay Europe, Paul Dennison, got some help with his workout:

WonHo enjoyed a day at the lake in Germany:

Ivan showed off his impressive backyard in Alaska:

Rob Gronkowski modeled some underwear:

Miguel Aquino was a vision in blue:

This is what happens when they bring the gays up onstage at Chippendales:

Paulo Batista’s bootcamp fashion was on point:

When someone asks why we love rugby:

Broadway’s Telly Leung was feeling fruity:

When you unwrap your presents and realize you got a Kevin Davis for your birthday!

Garrett Magee of Bravo’s ‘Backyard Envy’ knows what to do with an Italian landscape:

GayUncleMario shared his latest round-up of gay memes (be sure to swipe through):

Max Emerson asked, “At what point does it become inappropriate to make out in public?” And 20K followers said “never.”

Zumbabear and RawSanch looked dapper for a night out:

And Brandon Kyle Goodman waxed wise about celebrating every part of himself:

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