Gia Gunn Continues To Shade Farrah Moan on All Stars 4

Gia Gunn has already been dubbed the villain of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4… and only one episode has aired.

The former season six contender came in guns blazing during the show's premiere last Friday, slamming fellow contestants like Trinity the Tuck and Farrah Moan for what she perceives as a lack of talent in different facets.

Gia criticized Trinity for what she was bringing to the table during the variety show, where her talent was a tucking tutorial that she thought wasn't really a talent at all. Trinity proved her wrong by excelling in the challenge and scoring a win in the end. 

She also went after Farrah for simply being an Instagram queen with not much else to offer. Gia's criticisms of Farrah continue on the 2nd episode of All Stars 4, where the first 11 minutes of tonight's episode was released on VH1 early Friday morning.

The 2nd episode begins just like all the others do, where the queens reconvene in the werk room after one of the girls gets eliminated. This time, it was season 7 contestant Jasmine Masters who Trinity sent home over Farrah. Monique Heart, who also battled it out for the lip sync legacy against Trinity, would've sent Jasmine home as well as opposed to Farrah, who was a bit of an emotional mess after she slipped and fell during her burlesque performance on stage.

Gia threw some shade at Farrah in the confessional after Farrah said that she's "excited to have a 2nd chance" in the competition, saying "That little beautiful b***h was lucky today. But this is a show about talent, and looking pretty isn't enough. If she's just going to rely on that beauty, then somebody is going to serve it to her soon."

Watch the first 11 minutes of tonight show below. RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 airs Friday nights at 8:00 PM on VH1.


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