Gorgeous Couple Alex Tikas & Julian Torres Get Engaged: Watch 

Credit: Julian Torres

2021 kicked off with sheer craziness days into the new year beginning. Any semblance of normalcy right now is fantastic not to mention necessary especially when it happens in the LGBTQ community. 

Porn power couple Alex Tikas and Julian Torres provided that (plus a ton of romance) when they got engaged on their 1-year anniversary



It happened when they appeared on the Demystifying Porn podcast this past Friday. Alex was the one to get down on one knee and make it official with Julian who looked both stunned and elated when the magical moment happened.

“I want you to know that I love you very much and I want to know if you’re going to marry me because I can’t live without you,” Alex gushed to Julian as he presented him with a big, shiny ring.

His patience (jokingly) wore thin seconds later as he awaited Julian’s answer. “This is where you say yes,” he said which made his now fiance giggle with delight before things got even more emotional for both of them. 


“I knew fairly early into our relationship that I was going to marry him,” Alex told Instinct exclusively. “But I said if I wanna marry this guy now, I will wanna marry him a year from now. So I gave it a year. Fast forward one pandemic and a year later, I go the ring and figured it would happen at either a romantic dinner or something traditional and private.”

“I got a call from Luis who has a podcast called Demystifying Porn,” he continued. “He wanted me to be a guest so I asked him ahead of time if I could propose and surprise Julian during our appearance. Luis said yes and the rest is history.” 


“I was surprised but so happy he did it,” Julian revealed. “I started crying because he wrote on the ring, ‘Así es como se enamora Tu corazón con el mío,’ which is a quote from one of my favorite songs since I was a kid. It translates to, ‘this is the way my heart falls in love with yours’. I was over the moon.” 

Alex & Julian are two of the more popular porn stars we’ve featured on Instinct over the past year. We’ve interviewed them together and separately where the couple have spoken about how they make their relationship work as well as breaking down the stereotypes men like them face in the adult industry.


Get to know more by checking out our IGTV interview with them below. 

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