Grant Coulson from Super Shore Launches OnlyFans Page

Photo Credit: @grantjosecoulson on Instagram

Not going to lie, if I was recently single and had a modest social media presence, I’d probably do the same exact thing.

Former reality TV star Grant Coulson has officially launched an OnlyFans account. For $9.99 a month, subscribers can have full access to his content. According to Out, the 31-year-old already has 25 pictures uploaded to his page, but I can’t say how filthy they are. In other words, I cannot confirm if he shows everything and performs with others. 


Given his reputation for bedding 30 women while filming reality TV shows and the fact that he came out as gay in August, it remains to be seen who his OnlyFans will appeal to the most! 



Coulson is known to pop culture fans for appearing in the Geordie Shore spin-off Super Shore and an episode of Undressed. He attempted a reality TV comeback earlier this year but was unsuccessful. 

The socialite, gym rat and music enthusiast was recently in the news for being cheated on by his first boyfriend just days after coming out of the closet and showing him off on social media. The couple had reportedly made their relationship so serious that they had purchased an apartment and puppy. Ouch! 


See anything you like here? Visit Grant’s OnlyFans page to see more!

Do you have an opinion on this reality TV personality? Do you think freeing himself sexually is the best form of revenge? Do you think the premium content will help him stumble onto another show? Comment and let me know! 

Source: Out, Instinct Magazine, OnlyFans


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  1. I saw a comment on another article on spending so much money on gay onlyfans creators and I’m in the same boat. Just to let you know Grant came out as gay incase you want to update this article. Cheers.


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