Grindr Outage Spawns Hilarious Tweet Avalanche.

Is Grindr your app of choice to find headless torso pics and empty profiles?  Well, that high quality dating hook up site has been down for most of the day and the gays are panicking, or at least pretending to.  Here's Chicago Now's account of the first sign of the Gaypocalypse.

The gay social networking app Grindr is currently suffering a server outage. This means that gay and really confused straight men are unable to log-in and see how close their nearest counterparts are.

This is sad news because the gay world has relied on Grindr for almost seven years to communicate. Due to this dependence, the national outage has resulted in some hilarious reactions from the community.

Since I have nothing else to do (because Grindr is down), I decided to compile my favorite tweets regarding Grindr being down.

I wish that Grindr error messages were more humorous… Like: "No dick for you tonight! Sorry, the app is currently having an outage'

Grindr currently has an outage?!? What ever am I going to do with my whore life?!?!?!

Grindr outage…productivity just increased dramatically around the world


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What caused the crash? 

Did the Atlantis cruise docking in Fort Lauderdale unleash too many men back onto the grid? 

Are people realizing their New Year's resolution of "dating" more this year is coming to its first month's end with no success?

Are we all trying to post new profile pics showing our 2016 workout success?

How many of you successfully use Grindr to meet people?


3 thoughts on “Grindr Outage Spawns Hilarious Tweet Avalanche.”

  1. It finally happened. All the

    It finally happened. All the Grindr bots began chatting with each other expressing their loving the look, then in rapid order the fact they just got back from the gym and are horny and wanting the other bot to join them in chat at another site, and the whole system got so tangled and confused the programmers had to pull all the fake profiles down.It was only then that they realized there were NO real profiles


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