Grindr Released Its Comedy Special ‘Gag Reflex’

Images via Instagram @justsydbw, @ihatejoelkim, @jayjurden

Grindr has released the video of its recent comedy special.

Last month, the gay dating app announced plans to create an original scripted series. That show, starring Jimmy Fowlie, Shannon DeVido, and Sydnee Washington, centers on a groomsman trying to stop the wedding and shows the company’s desire to get into the entertainment business.


“We are so proud to be showcasing some of the finest talent in the queer community as we continue to find new and creative ways to connect our users,” said Alex Black, Grindr’s Head of Marketing, at the time.

But now, it appears that Grindr is going to produce multiple projects. The second project on Grindr’s docket was a livestream comedy special titled Gag Reflex and starred Joel Kim Booster, Jay Jurden, Sydnee Washington, Zach Zimmerman, and Jaye McBride. According to Variety, the special launched yesterday, April 1, and was aired on YouTube and on Grindr’s platform. But don’t worry. Those who missed the livestream can still enjoy it. Grindr has rereleased the video on its official YouTube channel for anyone to watch at anytime.

“Comedy is such an integral part of the queer experience and we couldn’t think of a better time to show off our brightest queer comedic talents,” said executive producer Patrick Rogers. “After getting through a particularly difficult year for the community we’re so excited to share in some much needed laughter.”

Again, this project follows increased interest in original streaming content on Grindr and other dating apps. The before-mentioned comedy series Bridesman will begin production shortly. Meanwhile, Tindr in late-2019 produced a user-controlled original series titled Swipe Night, which let users decide the narrative. We’re interested to see what project Grindr and its competition think up next. Until then, you can watch the ‘Gag Reflex’ comedy special in the YouTube video found below.

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