Guapacharros Bring Their Smoldering Act To ‘America’s Got Talent’

America’s Got Talent is never at a loss for contestants with talents we have never seen before, but this season, one particular act tried out that checked multiple boxes. When The Guapacharros (who boast likes in the millions across their social media platforms) took the stage, they looked like a wonderfully traditional Mexican Mariachi group; then the music started, and this group truly showed off what they could do. 

 Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

The Guapacharros’ dream was to “show their Mexican culture to the world” on the America’s Got Talent stage and that is exactly what they did. Strains of traditional Mexican music quickly evolved quickly into the first notes of The Backstreet Boys ‘Everybody’, and the Guapacharros’ traditional Mexican jackets flew off, providing the live & at-home audiences, with a treat that they definitely did not see coming. Now the big question, were the Guapacharros advanced to the next round?-a resounding yes! 


The Guapacharros are not the only act that provided plentiful eye candy and amazing talents during the initial #AGT auditions. Donovan (already a small town theater performer in Philadelphia circles) brought a twinkle in his eye and a surprisingly stunning vocal capability when he launched into the Broadway classic ‘Think Of Me’ from The Phantom Of The Opera. His instant stage presence and uniquely marvelous talent immediately captivated the judges, propelling him to the next round. Simon Cowell offered probably the greatest compliment, simply telling Donovan “I think if someone was smart they would put you in the right part in the right musical, doing what you do best. You did the right thing coming on here”. 



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