Guy Shocked By Mom’s Response To Him Getting His “S**t Wrecked”


This TikTok mom has us rolling on the floor.

We all have to face it, TikTok has risen as the next big social media program. Filling the void of short vid content left by VINE, TikTok has taken an internet staple for younger users. But the following video may be a favorite for everyone to enjoy.


In the video, one gay youth talks to his mother while hanging out in the living room. The boy hopes to set his mom up for an angry/shock factor video, but he ends up being the shocked one.

To play with his mother, the young man asks his mom, “You know the guy I’m talking to is 6’4”?”

The mother, not paying much attention to her son’s rambling (as we’re sure she gets this a lot), responds quickly with an, “Ok?”


The boy then says what he hopes will set her up for a hilarious reaction. And it does, just not the way he plans.

Specifically, the youth says, “Can’t wait to get my s**t wrecked.”

Her response?

“So you are a bottom?”

The video doesn’t stop there however, as the son then incredulously tries to deny being a bottom. His mother’s response to that is so good that we can’t spoil it for you. You’ll have to watch the video above to find out for yourselves. But if you’re like us, you’ll enjoy it.

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